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YogaPeeps is on the Yoga Journal website, “My Yoga Mentor”. A little while back I was contacted by a journalist, Brenda K. Plakans, about online yogis. She wanted to know how yoga instructors facillitate the practice of yoga online through websites, oniline classes and podcasts.

I answered her questions, sharing all of the amazing benefits of sharing yoga instructors through podcasting, which can be listened to anywhere at anytime. Read the article.

Article quote:

The Power of the Voice: Podcasts

Other vehicles for your yoga message are audio or video podcasts. Although these approaches require more equipment, because your voice or video must be prerecorded on a digital recorder, they offer the immediacy of the spoken word. You can post a podcast on a website or blog, or onto iTunes (, the online media store, where it can be downloaded to any computer or MP3 player. This way you can present demonstrations of asana or guided meditations, and you can even run interviews.

Lara Cestone, creator of the podcast interview show Yogapeeps (at, says, “Podcasts are new and exciting. You can listen while you cook, do the laundry, walk the dog, or commute. It’s also less dense than a blog. It’s more relaxing as well, as you aren’t sitting staring at a screen, but you are active, moving and listening.”

….It’s awesome getting more listeners to Yoga Peeps, and sharing the yogic learning of teachers through the web. I am so grateful to be a part of this sangha (community). Since February 2006, our listeners have grown from 200 to 2000 per podcast, with a total overall downloads of 30,000+. We are so stoked the peeps are listening to the awesome yogis and yoginis.

Love and Namaste.

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