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Episode 75: Mark Freeth ShowNotes

By On December 28, 2009

Mark Freeth, Freestyle Yoga Project, Birmingham, England. Mark’s Influencial Teachers: Kula Yoga Project: Schuyler Grant David Swenson, David Williams, Mike Nevitts, Richard Freeman, Edward Clark (Tripsichore) Books Mark Recommends: Light On Yoga:… Read More


Episode 74: Deborah Adele Yamas and Niyamas ShowNotes

By On November 29, 2009

Deborah Adele: Author, The Yamas and Niyamas, Exploring Yogas Ethical Practice Yamas: Restraints Niyamas: Not Restraints Influential Teachers: Navata Puri, Mata G – embodies contentment, not to have everything you want but… Read More


Episode 73: Maria Scrivan Dogi the Yogi Shownotes

By On November 15, 2009

Maria Scrivan is an illustrator, painter and designer. Her expressive images combine social commentary with vibrancy and humor.? She is author, and illustrator of Dogi the Yogi, a children’s book of yoga.… Read More


Episode 72: Elena Brower ShowNotes

By On October 15, 2009

Elena’s Influential Teachers: John Friend: Anusara Yoga Douglas Brooks: Rajanaka Tantra Hugo Cory: Self Mastery Cornell University – First Yoga Class Yogaworks/YogaZone Midtown -? 3rd and Lexington Om Yoga:Cindy Lee – using… Read More


Episode 71: Faith Hunter Shownotes

By On September 15, 2009

Influential Teachers: Faith’s Mother, Father, and Brothers Hamsan Newman, Iyengar teacher, Fayetteville, Arkansas Dana Flynn Jasmine Tarkeshi Rodney Yee Books: Rumi Sacred Woman: A Guide to Healing the Feminine Body, Mind, and… Read More


Episode 70: Arthur Klein YYoga Movie ShowNotes

By On August 31, 2009

Arthur’s Influential Teachers Parmahansa Yogananda Mahatma Ghandi Ramana Maharshi Neem Karoli Baba Bryan Kest Power Yoga Erich Schiffman Ashley Turner Govindas Movie: Y Yoga Website: Podcast Music: Show Me How… Read More


Episode 69: AK Kennedy Hyde Clothing

By On June 11, 2009

Influential teachers: Rusty Wells Schuyler Grant Elena Brower Anne Carpenter Jason Moring Books she loves: Tao Te Ching – Steven Mitchell David Foster Wallace Italo Calvino – if on a winter’s night… Read More


Episode 68: Jaimal Yogis Saltwater Buddha

By On May 29, 2009

Jaimal’s Most Influential Teachers: Steven Tainer Baba Hari Dass Hung Sway – monk in buddhist monestary who listens to dylan Books: Thomas Farber Caught Inside – Daniel Duane Zen Mind, Beginners Mind… Read More


Episode 67: Ayurveda Doshas – Finding Balance

By On May 20, 2009

Doshas: Vata – wind, air element, short and thin or tall and thin, will lose their appetite, wind, catabolic metabolism, creative, shorter term energy, not into routines Pitta – fire element, agni,… Read More


Episode 66: Hala Khouri ShowNotes

By On April 28, 2009

Hala’s Most Influential Teachers: Peter Levine – somatic experiencing Seane Corn Suzanne Sterling Anne Carpenter Books She Loves: The Happiness Hypothesis, Finding modern truth in ancient wisdom, Jonathon Haight Waking the Tiger,… Read More