Upcoming: John Evans Islington Yoga

September 24, 2007


John Evans is the director of Islington Yoga and has been practising yoga for 35 years and teaching for 25 years. He has been studying with Shandor Remete since 1995 and teaches Shadow Yoga. John completed an English degree at Oxford University and went on to study the Yoga Sutras intensively at the Anchorhold Monastery in Sussex for five years. He lived in Japan for 12 years where he studied Martial arts and holds a 6th dan black belt in Batto-do, Japanese swordsmanship. He is the Head Teacher of Fudokan Japanese sword school in London .

Visit John online at:

Or in London: Islington Yoga is located at 357 City Rd EC1V 1LR
Tel: 020 7704 6796 email: [email protected]

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