Episode 54: Shannon Schneider OmTime ShowNotes

August 30, 2008


Shannon’s Influential Teachers:

Cindy Lusk

Judith Lasater

Shiva Rea

Richard Freeman

John Friend

Andrew Harvey

Dr. Douglas Brooks

Books She Recommends:

The Way of Passion, Andrew Harvey (And, his Spiritual Activism Meditation CD)

Splendor of Recognition, Swami Shantananda

Eat Pray Love, Elizabeth Gilbert

Epiphany and Her Creative Friends, (Chapter in it by Shannon coming out Oct. 2008)


Satya: truth – knowing what you want, speaking, living your truth

Ahimsa: non-harming, doing good, wearing greatness, being your best, carbon off-setting, living green

Bhakti: Seane Corn, Children’s Cambodia Fund

Recommended for Yoga Peeps Interview:

Chris Muchow


Podcast Music: Dar Abesque, Global Noize

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