Episode 55: Judith Lasater Audio

September 15, 2008


Episode 55 is an interview with Judith Hanson Lasater, Ph.D, who has written 6 yoga books, and teaches yoga worldwide. In this episode, Judith and Lara talk about human-ness, her books, integration, asana as a question rather than the answer, suffering=things should be different than they are, satya, teaching savasana to the people, and to dis-identify with your thoughts.? We had some difficulties with the recording levels.? We have asked Judith for a re-interview, and are awaiting her reply.? It is a great interview, so if you can get through the challenging audio, it’s worth it.? Namaste.
To listen click: YogaPeeps_091508_JudithLasater
pc users: if you have choppy playback, right click the link and download the mp3 to your desktop (firefox save link as?) (internet explorer save target as?)

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