Upcoming: Chaz Yogamazing

September 26, 2008

Chaz, (BA, CYT, CYKF) is a certified yoga instructor who has developed several unique yoga programs from the globally successful YOGAmazing Video Podcast within iTunes (over 6.1 Million downloads and counting) to his award winning video/DVD, Yogamazing: Yoga for the Kid In All of Us, which was one of Yoga Journal’s Editor’s Choices for 2002, and encourages parents and children to work out together. Chaz has taught yoga at the prestigeous OMEGA Instutute in Rhinebeck, NY, the Yoga Expo in Los Angeles, in his own studio, the corporate world, schools, and to those engaged in all sorts of sports, from basketball to golf to cycling. He’s also a singer-songwriter with an infectious spirit and zest for life who has performed at the White House, taken part in the International Children’s Peace Festival at Sivananda Yoga Camp in Montreal, Canada, and has been featured in Billboard Magazine. Chaz took his ideas from yoga and his music and designed a fun and interactive approach to teaching. Since yoga teaches the union of the body and mind, and Chaz’s music teaches the message of Unity, it only made sense that he would put the two together. With that combination in mind, “Yogamazing” was born.

YOGAmazing classes are designed for everyone-from out-of-shape parents to athletes to those with no yoga experience or those with an on-going practice. In a relaxed, down-to-earth, and inclusive atmosphere, Chaz works on developing a yoga practice that you can take home and use every day to improve the quality of your life. Whether you want to gain strength and flexibility, heal an injury, deal with anxiety and depression, lose weight, or find a sense of inner peace, we learn the true essence of yoga by listening to our body, mind and soul for guidance. Chaz has developed from his training in classical yoga styles and other forms of yoga to create his unique YOGAmazing classes. Chaz works on proper alignment of the body, coordination of breath and movement while flowing from one posture to another.

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