Eoin Finn: Upcoming interview 02_27_06

February 24, 2006

Eoin Finn is a Yoga Instructor, in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. You can find him at He teaches classes daily in Vancouver, runs yoga and surf retreats, and has multiple yoga dvds, for all levels. Eoin’s description of his classes:

“This yoga practice is an intelligent form of fitness for your body, mind and soul.
The classes are tailored for beginners, intermediates and experts,
like a montesorri school – people of all different abilities in the same place. All of us working towards the same goal… maximum health and well-being. Please come jam with us anytime. Work at your own level. Get to know your body. Get to know some of the nicest people on planet earth. Ultimately, this class is about maintaining a positive, healthy perspective.”

He will be teaching at the Toronto Yoga Show, in Toronto, Canada in May. He also has created a Positive Yoga Flow System to simplify alignment in asana, bringing more awareness and bliss to the practice. His next workshop is in March. He has yoga flows on mp3 on his website as well. Go to for more.

Contact: [email protected]
eoin_dvd.jpg For more on the dvd:

You can purchase Eoin’s dvds online at and

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