Episode 2: Tracy Groshak shownotes

February 20, 2006

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Dancing the Body of Light, by Dona Holleman

Living Your Yoga, by Judith Lasater, Ph.D, P.T.


Gioia Irwin of Vancouver, B.C., Canada

Orit Sen-Gupta of Israel

Dona Holleman of Italy

Dr. Nikica, [email protected]


    Her dvds include: Power Yoga for Happiness, with Eoin Finn; and Power Yoga with Tracy, Vol. 1 Inner Strength. Her dvds can be purchased at, and

    Vijnana Yoga Studio

    #204-1529 West 6th Avenue
    Vancouver, B.C. Canada
    V6J 1R1
    Phone:(604) 734-8932

    Her website is:

    Contact: [email protected]

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