Upcoming: Jill Satterfield

October 1, 2006


Jill Satterfield founder of Vajra Yoga, has been practicing hatha yoga primarily in the Iyengar tradition, for over 29 years and teaching for 17. She has been a student of Buddhism for 15 years, which informs both her practice and teaching.

Vajra Yoga developed as a natural extension of Jill?s practices and with the kind support of her teachers, Ajahn Amaro and Mingyur Rinpoche. This intuitive synthesis of yoga and Buddhism arose as Jill healed from a debilitating physical condition. While on long silent meditation retreats, Jill renewed herself physically by re-training particular functions of her autonomic nervous system. Practicing meditation, yoga asanas and visualization enabled her to heal beyond expectations. When she discovered the power of combining these practices, she knew she had found her life?s work.

For the past 16 years, Jill has been traveling and teaching Vajra Yoga with some of the most respected Buddhist teachers of our time. Vajra Yoga has been a pioneer in bringing yoga and Buddhism together in a seamless blend. Vajra Yoga has been taught at the Insight Meditation Society, Spirit Rock Center, the Garrison Institute and many Shambhala Centers around the country.

Vajra has been featured in publications such as the New York Times, Tricycle, Fit Yoga, Self, and Marie Claire. Jill was hailed as one of the four leading yoga and Buddhist teachers in the country by the Shambhala Sun.

Currently, Jill is collaborating with the Lineage Project, developing a teacher training specifically to work with incarcerated youth, and with The Breathing Project,Inc..

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Vajra yoga is teaming up with the Breathing Project! Beginning in October. The teacher training will be held at the wonderful Breathing Project Studio on Broadway and 26th Street, NYC.

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