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October 10, 2006


Kira Ryder encourages exploration in the postures through focused attention and awareness of the breath. Her style balances strength, suppleness, and serenity with an emphasis on finding ease and grace in the practice. Kira began teaching yoga 10 years ago. She received her teacher training certificate with Sarah Powers at Yoga Studio Mill Valley in 2000. Kira is strongly influenced by Yin yoga and currently developes her own practice with Erich Schiffmann. Kira is the owner of Lulu Bandha’s, in Ojai, California.

When Lulu Bandha?s opened in March 2002, some people in town were surprised. With yoga classes in private homes, at health clubs, spas and dance studios, the feeling was that Ojai already had as much yoga as it did oranges.

Lulu Bandha?s fulfills a dream that owner Kira was at first afraid to have. In 1995 it was love at first practice for Kira and yoga, and she began teaching almost right away. But, she continued to pursue a traditional business career where she found success but not fulfillment. Finally, she decided to make her passion and career the same, and she and husband Eric moved to Ojai in May 2001. Once in Ojai, Kira began to teach yoga full time, and within nine months, she took the leap and opened Lulu Bandha?s. Taking its personality from that of its owner, Lulu?s could never be a wallflower, and both Lulu?s and Kira are in full bloom now that they have each other.


The Lulu Bandha?s name came as a joke from friend Jody Kennedy, but it reflects Kira?s approach. The strong silliness of the name evokes a 1950?s beauty parlor, but its meaning is really a play on words. In yoga it is taught that people?s bodies have three bandhas, or locks, which hold and move prana. They are: jalandhara, uddiyana, and the mula – the inspiration for Lulu. For Kira, Lulu Bandha?s is about creating a nest, a place for her and others to nurture yoga within themselves and each other. And, the humor in the name is a reflection of the humor in Kira, ready to laugh at herself and the world around us, including yoga.


Lulu?s seeks to balance tradition and innovation with faith in experimentation and the fusion of ideas. Classes reflect a belief in a full practice of balancing soft and strong. Shaped by the commitment and eclecticism of the local yoga scene, the schedule offers a range of classes. The depth of yoga in Ojai allows Lulu?s to offer talented and experienced teachers in addition to Kira.

Because Lulu?s aspires to be a place of growth, it places a high importance on workshops and continuing education for students and teachers. Workshops feature teachers renown in the yoga community as well as others with fresh new perspectives.

LuluBandas (Studio) & Bhavantu (Retail Store)
306 East Matilija St.
Ojai, California

(805) 640.7868

[email protected]

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