Yoga On the Dance Floor – Ekayani and The Tom Glide Space

June 18, 2009
Ekayani and The Tom Glide Space are bringing Yoga to the dance floor.? Ekayani sings sanskrit chants over Tom Glide’s deep house grooves.? Some are slow with deep soulful beats, like Dehino Smin (Sanskrit rap), and Gaura Pahu, and others are faster and trancey, like Parama Karuna.? Listen
I also LOVE the yogic dance moves from B-Boy Neo and the Concrete Monkeys in the Parama Karuna video.
Brick and Mortar locations are JivaMukti Yoga School located at 841 Broadway 2nd flr- NYC, (where they played in February) and East West Yoga located at 78 Fifth Avenue in New York City.
Here is a convenient link where you can enjoy the videos for Third Eye, Gaura Pahu, Here’s the Light – the full length Sanskrit version and directors cut and find the MUSIC which is available to buy through iTunes and Rhapsody, with hard copies on &
Enjoy!? And get ready to get your groove on.

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