Episode 83: Michael Taylor Strala Yoga NYC

June 10, 2010


In this episode, Michael and I talk about his desire to be for health instead of sickness, yoga connecting you to you, the best teachers connect you to you, how you tune into you, advice for teachers-Do a lot of yoga, tuning into yourself rather than tuning out, paying attention, to stop separating things into their parts, and instead see the whole – “eating the avocado”, music being a direct path in, a mood shaper, intellectualizing things can really stand in the way of actually experiencing them, when you can hear your own body it’s easier to take good care of yourself – yoga is a great tool for tuning in, the poses come from you when you’re ready, not from mimicking others, and lots more! Click the link below to listen and “tune in”.

Listen to the Interview: YogaPeeps_MichaelTaylor_ 060910.mp3

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