An update from yoga peep yogini mom

December 14, 2007


I am so grateful for this life, and for the ability to facilitate this beautiful life-force (Luca) into the world. I am very grateful to be getting a little more time these days as well, (while Luca naps) to work on edit and upload interviews. Thank you awesome listeners for hangin’ around, contributing through PayPal, and for sending me all of your encouragement and feedback. I am deeply grateful for you. I send all of you Love and Energy to all the wonderful things you’ve birthed this year. My intention is to have a new interview a month, with all the interviews from 2007 uploaded by the end of the year. Send me an email with new yogi and yoginis you’d love to hear!

Happiest Holidays, to you, the Peeps. Power to the Peaceful! Love and Namaste.

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