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Episode 86: Tara Stiles

By On October 25, 2015

Episode 86 is with Tara Stiles is the founder of Strala Yoga.  This interview was revived from the Yoga Peeps Archive, in honor of the Tara’s new cookbook, launching in just over a… Read More


Episode 85: Jennifer Wolfe Prenatal Yoga

By On September 16, 2011

In Yoga Peeps Episode 85, Jennifer Wolfe, Doula and Prenatal Yoga Instructor, discusses her best selling prenatal dvd, poses for breech baby turning, and ones to avoid, to set intentions, finding where… Read More


Episode 84: Clive Mayhew, Founder Yoga Aid

By On July 21, 2010

In Episode 84, Clive Mayhew, the Founder of Yoga Aid, and Lara talk about the cultural differences of giving, Yoga Aid in Australia, Japan, Hong Kong, Italy, US, Wanderlust in Tahoe in… Read More


Episode 83: Michael Taylor Strala Yoga NYC

By On June 10, 2010

In this episode, Michael and I talk about his desire to be for health instead of sickness, yoga connecting you to you, the best teachers connect you to you, how you tune… Read More


Episode 82: Claire Missingham Vinyasa Flow UK

By On May 21, 2010

In this episode Claire and Lara talk about Sufism, seeing people as love – all consuming love, the wonderful discipline involved in a daily yoga practice, Tantra, to intend, parenthood improving her… Read More


Episode 81: Eoin Finn Blissologist

By On May 9, 2010

In this episode Eoin and Lara talk about?Hammock Enlightment, Blissology – the art of being happy, balancing with the web of life, love as a force in the universe like gravity, his… Read More


Episode 80: Dana Smith-Rogers

By On May 3, 2010

In this episode Dana and Lara talk about Thai Yoga Massage, being the Yoga Diva, a Reiki Master, her group Life Coaching online, starting where you are, being grateful for your experience,… Read More


Episode 79: Laura Colvin-Brown Flagstaff Yoga Festival

By On April 24, 2010

In this episode Laura and Lara talk about Kundalini, Tarot, Archatypes of Universal Experience, The Flagstaff Yoga Festival, childcare at the festival, making the festival accessible for everyone, parenting as the deepest… Read More


Episode 78: Brian Ratte Audio

By On March 24, 2010

In this episode, Brian and Lara talk about being the Netflix of Yoga, being a franchising partner for yoga teachers, vibrations that follow us everywhere, clearing your side of the street,… Read More


Episode 77: Jane Austin Prenatal Audio

By On March 13, 2010

In this episode, Jane and Lara talk about Prenatal yoga, her new DVD, a time to slow down and atune with their bodies and the babies inside them, findng your passion, immediate… Read More