Episode 76: Sadie Nardini Audio

January 16, 2010


Episode 76 is an interview, with Sadie Nardini, of Brooklyn, New York and Lara Hedin, Founder of Yoga Peeps. In this episode, Sadie and Lara talk about Integrity being super fierce, transforming a little bit at a time, core strength vinyasa, how not to leak your energy, her YouTube videos, The Guru is thy Self, core values, what aligns with you, bathing meditation, to contain your life energy, build it and focus it, discovering your core message, your dharma, what you were born to say, the one sentence you would share with the world, the reasons you do yoga, to stop fighting your true nature, and start living with it and for it, Get to know, and Own who you are , Core centering, hugging in, owning the self, and giving that gift to the world.

To listen click: YogaPeeps_011610_SadieNardini

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